This is for the Learning 2.0 Program. Along the way I will learn new things while completing tasks. Here they are....

Friday, December 01, 2006

Thing #8


I'm one of those people that has seen "RSS" on various websites and wasn't sure what it meant. I now believe its one of the best ways to share information content such as news and blogs in one place for easy access. Bloglines allows for that, through feeding different things that you want after signing up, however I'm staying old fashioned to keeping things in 'my favorites'. I like searching for things myself.

I'm quite annoyed at being asked to subscribe to many different services...I find that by joining all these websites, it makes my life worse rather than easier. I'll stick to Bloglines I think hehe..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thing #7 - Technology

Technology is everywhere. Isn't it? Imagine someone who doesn't like technology. I wonder how they could get around things today. I love technology. But the problem is keeping up with it.

I'd like to talk about a popular piece of technology. Something that almost all young people today have. You probably can guess it. Ipods! I don't have an Ipod. But I notice looking at the catalogues that many sorts are popping up. These are mini players that can basically play music. Depending on the brand of mp3 player, some can also do more like play radio, show photos, act as a storage for files, watch video clips of things. It's amazing what they can do, and the capacity they contain. 1GB allows for quite a few hundred songs saved as mp3s. The ipods are seen as THE mp3 player because of its large screen and white sleek design.

I can live without an Ipod. But there's something inside of me that says "I want to get one". I wonder what the next invention could be. Wont be long til it comes since technology just continues to advance.....I can't keep up!

Thing #6 Flickr again

I've come to realise there are alot of different tools that can be used with Flickr. And this is called mashing up. People have come up with great tools for Flickr like Trading card maker and Colr Pickr.

This Colr Pickr is interesting. The site is:

It allows you to find a picture that matches a specific colour. I've never seen something like that before. I don't know who'd find that useful, but I really think it's unique and interesting enough for me to blog about.

The more I learn about Flickr, the more I want to join it. Because I do like taking photos. But first I'll need to get a new digital camera...

Thing #5 - Flickr

Well it's been a while since I've had a chance to blog. I knew time would be a problem at some stage. But I'm back and ready to explore more.

I went looking through the interesting photos section. Refreshed quite a few times. There are so many there. I don't want to add it here because it's not my photo. And plus, I don't want to have to join just to ask for the authors permission to use it.
The photo I chose is located here:
But it caught my attention. So cute. The dog must've been thirsty with that tounge hanging out!

I hope you liked the photo I chose.

Coming up is my next thing on Flickr tools.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Okay so it worked.

Test 2!
Online tute was interesting. I liked the words on the side.
The easist learning habit would be Play! If I don't enjoy what I'm doing then I wont get very far in learning something.
The hardest learning habit? Probably beginning with the end in mind. While learning and coming across problems, even looking at the goal or end result can be hard for me. Doesn't always get me through it...I usually find other ways that do..

Sweeet! Week 2 done!

Testing...1, 2, 3

Lets see how I go in this.
This is the first blog for this Learning 2.0 Program.

How exciting!!
Can't wait to see my blog all done up with lots of posts...

Hope this works...